Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Shout out to all my G-town homeys, check this out tomorrow there's a court date near you that might be interesting to attend. I can't make it. Where's the courthouse anyway?

I ran 6 miles Monday night around the lakes, then 5 miles today at lunch. To those who can't figure it out, i'm completely sick of the trainer and the rollers and am now turning to running to ease the pain. Needless to say, tonight i'm walking around like somebody beat me with a stick.

Amy has commented that Eric and i have been posting rather depressing entries as of late. It's kind of like the old days when we used to ride around Mobile and just complain like two old codgers for hours. I love it.

In media news, we caught Garden State over the weekend. I loved it, Amy hated it.

Sunday we worked a trade with my sister, she took Ryan and we took our two nephews and niece to see Hoodwinked. I thought that this was a good deal, but let me tell you, taking a family of 5 to the show and the concession stand is no small investment. WOW! The movie was so so, the kids were hilarious.

Last night i finally received my copy of Bicycling which features a story on the Rouge Roubaix. I was sorry to see no mention of Jon who invented the God-forsaken event, me and Bob who allegedly inspired it, and lastly no mention of the various stories of gritty heroism from past years. But this is Bicycling and not a more race-minded rag.

God bless Tivo, tonight it has snatched up Monty Python's The Cycling Tour.

J's site has been down for a few days, which is a drag because i'm missing my fix of Utah winter rides.

I'm hoping to log a long one this Saturday, but here's a link to the info on Kenny B's Katrina Damage Ride.

That's all here.


eric said...

Not loving Garden State? That's depressing. The scene with pet graveyard is classic.

I promise Amy, I will post more upbeat material in the future. Excuse me, I need to go listen to a CURE cd.

Taylor said...

Haha. I laughed out loud at that. I will ever link the Cure to mopey, angst David.

Taylor said...

Oh, and I really miss Sager's blog. It just made me laugh every time.