Friday, January 27, 2006

remodeling the place

What do you think?
Maybe those heavy blue tones were bringing me down man.
My hutzpah was all flamenck.
Know what i'm sayin bro?
Like whoa, this is so much better.
I feel so positive, it makes me want to sing.
Maybe later.


Jeff said...

WOW! I thought getting the links to work was a vast improvement but this is to much! :)

I like! Very Nice!
However that profile photo looks like a younger SuperDave to me...exactly when was that taken?

eric said...

Fine form in the photo. But to generate more power I would pull the seat forward to get better hip extension.

Taylor said...

The Tuffy's outfit... nice. ;)

David said...

It most certainly is a younger me, i found it on my pc here the other day. Maybe district tt like 98 or 99.

I like it because it features the super dangerous but classic Scott 100K handlebar on my old Mapei Colnago.

Dangerously fast and dangerously dangerous, try negotiating rush-hour traffic aboard a bar that is narrower than your shoulders.