Monday, January 23, 2006

The decline of western civilization

So this morning i pull into the credit union to make a deposit in the drive-through and i face Murphy's conundrum, six lanes, two are open, consequently, those two each have one oversized SUV in them. I roll the dice and choose to wait in lane number two.

At this time, some sorority girl in a Honda Accord pulls up behind me and picks chute three which is, by all accounts, closed. I mean, come on, there's the sign, it's closed. Meaning, you won't be serviced.

In my utopia, the teller has every right at this time, to request that the driver exit her vehicle and stand in front of the other civilized folk who are queued up in line, where she will be beaten with Nerf bats by the loan officers or whoever else isn't busy at that time, until she admits that she doesn't read directions or subscribe to basic social norms.

In the real world, perhaps a more clever form of discipline could be arranged. Maybe a stupidity fee could be levied against her account, something good like $100 or so. At the very least, she should be chastised over the intercom. In anticipation of this logical choice, i stealthily lower my passenger side window, waiting for some juicy discourse. Damn, i'm clever.

Much to my chagrin, she gets her transaction completed and voila she's off while i'm still stuck waiting behind the Yukon who is evidently doing an entire house refi while waiting in her car.

So what have i learned today?
If you're given two options, choose the third one.
Do what you like.
Be McGyver.
Happy Monday.


Marcy said...

You have me laughing outloud!


Amy said...

Hey, I've had to back up after pulling into the wrong line many times...