Monday, May 29, 2006

It's in the books

Haven't posted in a few days, the Fantasy Giro kept me busy. Congrats to Lisa's Buca Di Luca squad which took the overall from the clutches of Brian's The Giro Zero. I'm still working out ideas for the Tour de France, i've heard some feedback that maybe a competition on just final GC would be cool, as opposed to the managing lesser-known cyclists whose goals may only be for a stage win. I think that's what keeps it interesting, but it requires more work to administer. Who knows, we'll see, July is still a ways off.

After some thought, i decided last week to opt for a different kind of BTC. I'm still going to do a BTC, but it's going to be my own, based out of Fruita, i hope to spend every day on routes like these. Also, Amy's dad and i are going to head over to Utah to do some work on her grandfather's cabin, so we'll get to do some rides there too. It should be sweet.

Tonight, we're settling down to a Memorial Day marathon of Deadliest Catch, that show is so addictive, THANKS JEFF.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

doping making me sick

Being a fan of the euro-pro peloton is sometimes like being a 15 year-old kid who still wants to believe in Santa Claus.

The arrest of Manolo Saiz this week along with staff from Liberty Seguros and Communidad Valenciana who were found to be in possession of steroids and blood doping and freezing equipment (See Saiz Released) is a real blow to the sport.

It stinks when an individual rider like Millar admits drug use. When it's a director sportif, what does that say about his team, his previous teams? People speculated that JaJa juiced because of the way he bounced back from his crash at Armentieres back in 94, but now it makes you wonder if the ONCE's were systematically juicing with Saiz. Does that mean Zulle, Olano, JaJa, Stephens, Bruyneel, Beloki, Heras, who is currently serving a ban, were all part of it? Is that how they won all those TTT's?

So Liberty Seguros pulled the plug today, which means Vino and Beloki have no team for the Tour de France. That is a pisser, unless they're on the "list". I know the Societe is chomping at the bit to get to that piece of paper.

Mitch All Together

Just in case you need a little Mitch during your work day, i got this collection e-mailed to me yesterday. Enjoy

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Sometimes this stuff flows from me like poop down the Ganges.

Monday, May 22, 2006

i love google

It's true, my new fav google app is SketchUp. Do yourself a favor, download the personal use version and run through the tutorials, it takes probably 10 minutes and you'll be creating 3-d diagrams in no time. The orbit feature is very cool.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hurray for the Hippies et al

Amy and i really enjoyed the finale of the Amazing Race yesterday. The Hippies who we'd been rooting for because of their upbeat quirky stylings pulled off the big win for a million bucks.

Not like i care that much, but i was happy to see that Elliot got voted off the American Idol leaving Katharine and Taylor, who is a strange Joe Cocker/Michael McDonald/Ray Charles-trapped-in-the-body-of-an-awkward-white-man who is prematurely gray type. The show is real crap, but i can usually laugh my way through the panel's commentary in less than 5 minutes thanks to the trusty tivo.

After talking to Norm on Tuesday, i decided to do a complete workout of leg isolation drills on the bike this morning. Good God, I've never felt so bad after only 45 minutes, i'm still limping around, i've got to believe these will be effective.

Tomorrow night, after our niece's birthday party, we're hitting the Hot Art, Cool Nights down in the Government Street area. It's a cool hip eclectic soiree like nothing else in BR, should be fun. Maybe i'll run into Amy's crazy old heckler.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

wednesday scoop

Had a great weekend, Saturday, Amy and i ran with the boy from LSU to downtown to check out the Main Street Market on the new Levee Top Bikepath. The path is very nice, much wider than i expected with two bike lanes, and a third walking/running type lane. If it were to be extended out to Gardere or further, it could perhaps become the new home of the training race. I know i'd be willing to try it, it's currently only about a mile and a half long and slated to be the cycling super highway for football fans riding from downtown to the stadium. After, we caught lunch at Our Daily Bread which is always slamming.

Sunday's Mother's Day celebration at my mom's was a blast, some photos will be at Ryan's blog soon.

Got one of these new Tivo wireless adapters and it's working well, much nicer than the long phone cord we were using and now we've opened the door to downloading videos on your pc, and catching photos and music through the tv. It's a bit slow, but a better fix none the less.

Last night i did the training race, hoping to work out the PCF (Post-Cheaha Funk) which has been killing my legs ever since the ride. It worked, i replaced the PCF with just good old fashioned soreness which is much nicer. This was my first Tuesday night since the Aussie's departure and the average speed seemed down, it was still plenty hard though for me. I did what i could throughout but couldn't quite stick in the last mile or two as Norm, Dylan and Seabass turned it up a bit. Two generations of Team Ripple were present as Jan came out with her daughters Kate and Shelly, considering it was their first training race, i'd say they did pretty darn well.

Tought to believe that the BTC is just a little over a month away. Time to start doing some more serious planning and oh yeah, maybe some riding too.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ruining a good thing

This just in from the home office located in Brian, Wolshonsia. The feared dirt finish of Stage 17 in the Giro is being repaved as we speak. Check out Road to be completed just in time for Plan de Corones and more photos of the dirt here. Such a good source of information, all done while leading the Fantasy Giro.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

mercilessly battering penguins was never so much fun

i can't stop playing this

gota love the subtle nod to Messner's love affair with the Abominable Snowman on the rock, nice.

558 feet, top it, i can't

Zajicke at the Gila

i know i can't be this fast, i just want to look this fast

How hard is a race where Frank Breure finishes a half hour down?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Giro is in Effect

After a short delay, the Fantasy Giro is happening, and i've got the overall lead. Never fear, i can't win, my climbers suck. But tomorrow is the Team Time Trial. Should be interesting to see how fast 9 euro-gods can shred 38K, i'm guessing maybe 47 minutes? Anyone else in?

Showing your teeth is a sign of submission in primates

When somebody smiles at me, all i see is a chimpanzee begging for it's life.

God i love this show.

Cheaha Yee Haw!

How glad can i be to have that one in the books!
It was an excellent weekend obviously, travelling with the G-Town Homeys, Jeff, Char, Ward, Doc, Don, Cody and Taylor thrown in for good measure.

Lots of good times, Saturday night we caught the Sunny King Crit which was a kick to watch. I decided not to race the 2/3s after making a very quick exodus last year in the same event and i must say it was a lot of fun to just spectate, given what comes on Sunday.

As the Pro 1 field lined up, who should pull up right in front of me but Travis Sherman, he was talking himself down, saying he'd get spit out fast but he stuck like glue for a long time, nice riding because those dudes were flying. Toyota and Jelly Belly took turns controlling the race. As we left the crit, i ran into Erich Mattei who i raced with the previous year. Good catching up with him, he's still living in Athens, working in finance and getting married later this year to his girlfriend of many years. Not riding quite as much, it happens to us all :). Great seeing him and that all was well.

Sunday was perfect, rain at the start, temp in the 60's. My rain jacket fell out my pocket somewhere. Here's me on top of the first serious-real-serious climb then me dying of oxygen dep a few seconds later. Here's Jeff hitting it Moots-style. The Doc going medieval on it. Don orange-whip orange-whip orange-whip 3 orange-whipping it. I couldn't find the rest of the crew in the tiny thumbnails.

I swore i'd never do it again ever, but now Eric is saying he's game, and there seems to be a little interest among the rest of the crew. We'll see, if i can shed about 25 pounds, maybe.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fantasy Giro Team Deadline

The deadline for entering the 2006 Fantasy Giro will be this Friday, Cinco de Mayo at NOON. Sorry for the short notice, but entering is easy, e-mail me at with a teamname and if you like, a preferred draft order list.

Depending upon your pick order in the draft (determined randomly), your list may have a profound or infinitesimal result on your team. Give it a shot, you can always have random picks assigned to you in the draft, which is usually not a bad way to go.

As always, the prize list is largely made up of pride, honor and a sense of glory earned in beating your fellow man. Try it out, and stay tuned to the site.

Fantasy Giro 2006

It's only days away, so i know what you're thinking, where's the hype?

Thanks to BBT, here is the beginning

Fantasty? You bet ya

More info to follow, for now get your team names and preferred draft list together.

You don't have to pick a draft list to gain a team, and historically, random teams have done really well.

Stay tuned.

brokeback stugots

Vito is coming to terms with his sexuality?

AJ is putting the finishing touches on being a smack-head.

The competition between two restaurants heats up?

Fellas can we get back to what got us here?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the weekend that was

Congrats to Amy who had a doll on exhibit, and performed a poetry reading at the Venus Envy. It was a pretty wild night weather-wise and the lights went out before Amy was to read, so she began reading under an emergency light, but luckily the power returned midway. There was a great turnout despite the deluge which continued throughout the night.

One highlight was this old codger who was standing behind me while Amy was reading. He'd been talking to the hors d'oeuvres ever since we'd gotten there, but when Amy started reading i heard him comment, "I can't hear a word that she's saying" as he butted in front of me. Well dressed in a gray suit, he had the kind of lucid insanity that you're allowed to have when you're elderly.

I can't wait, anyway, Amy completed a poem inspired by Ryan's birth and he belted out, "That one wasn't too cheery!" One of Amy's friends responded, "NEITHER IS LABOR!" which was priceless. Yes, it was a rowdy scene. The crazy guy continued to commentate, Cindy read a poem about San Francisco and he just started yelling "Haight Ashberry! ha ha Haight Ashberry!" even after the reading he walked by us and repeated it again. Great stuff.

Mona Webb did a reading that was off the hook, straight out of the Def Poetry Slam. There was belly-dancing plus live music, it was a very cool scene.

Sunday, we hit the Festival in Lafayette which was a blast. We met up with Tommy and Connie and caught Carimi from Haiti, and Maria de Barros from Cape Verde which were cool acts. We didn't want to push Ryan too much in the heat, so we headed out and luckily we were able to catch Buckwheat Zydeco perform live on the radio, he is cool. Hats off to Lafayette for broadcasting their festival live, gotta love it. I always have a better time at this one than the New Orleans Jazz Fest.