Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quality Viewing, White Elephant and Stuff

Doing a lot lately, but none of it is blogging. I'm about 2 months behind on updating Ryan's page, hopefully i can remedy this soon.

The Tivo really went through a dry spell for a while, scarcely getting anything worth watching but it broke out with a vengeance last week. Items of note include:

30 Rock is the funniest show on television. Granted, we've been missing the Office this season due to scheduling conflicts with Survivor, so as far as i know, it is the funniest. Last week was so damned funny, with Alec Baldwin evidently having a trist with Condy Rice.

Everest got interesting as two of the expedition's climbers went HAC (high altitude crazy) and continued climbing against Brice's orders. No one could turn them back, total morons. Little did i know that the show earned such high praise from MountEverest.Net.

SNL was hosted by Justin Timberlake. While i'm not a big fan of the modern day JT, i must say these made me laugh a whole bunch: Barry Gibb Talk Show, Dick in a Box, Target and finally Homelessville. Thanks for Youtube for being all OVER that episode, geez.

We also caught Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, directed by the King of Smug, George Clooney. This movie was tough to look away from, tough to believe, but very cool, i'm still thinking about it.

Yesterday was our office White Elephant, i think my gift earned the title for Most Traded. I tried in desperation to get it back, but alas ended up with a two prong key rack emblazoned with the word "BISTRO". I'm not sure what the !@#$% that was about. I do take a certain pride though in bringing a highly traded item. Last year, i brought a 4-pack of Guinness with a box of dominoes. It bounced around a lot.

My funniest all time contribution though was once when i brought a Cindy Crawford swimsuit calendar to Gaynor's White Elephant and nearly everyone stole it, because they knew they'd be able to pick again later, when someone else stole it. The highlight of the night was when my grandmother stole it. I wish i'd had a camera.

This interview with Sager did make me laugh a lot.

The HID is illin, but still under warranty. With such power comes evidently great frailty in the bulb structure. I hope to receive it back from NiteRider soon, i only used it maybe a half dozen times.

Get a load of the chocked full LAMBRA calendar for next year, that's a lot of racing.

And finally, under the O yeah, he's white and nerdy category, if anybody is still looking for a Christmas gift for me, check this out. Of course i'm joking.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

cricket vid et al

Haven't had time to blog much as of late, but here are the bullets...

The half-marathon photos came out, here's various photos of me, Charles looking smooth, and the lead pack we kept in sight led by Joe "The Legend" Lee.

Enjoyed a nice group ride Saturday after the Delta Racing IHOP meeting. The 1:00 ride out of Walgreens is becoming pretty popular, maybe 15-20 riders made it this week. It was very nice, double paceline 20-23 conversational pace. The number of words per conversation varied inversely to where you were in the range of 19-23, if you catch my drift.

19 = "What a beautiful day, don't you love cool weather?"
21 = "you been riding much?"
23 = "Tough wind"
and so on

Dr. Wolshon, Keith and I exchanged youtube cycling video finds.
The best of these is the Bettini footage from this year's Giro di Lombardia. This is the emotional win Bettini got a couple of weeks after learning of his brother's death in a car accident. His mad descending skills are incredible to watch as he curls around a guardrail, then takes it all the way to the wall. Check it out, very cool.

Keith was rapping about the 89 World's footage he found, which is awesome to watch. I remember reading about it back in college, but had never seen the video. Fignon, LeMond, Kelly, Konyshev, Bauer; they're all there mixing it up. Well Bauer exits quickly with a flat, but it's still fun to watch.

Yesterday i managed to get in a little under two hours on the bike, i would have gotten more but didn't get out the door as early as i wanted. I headed out to River Road about 6:15 or so, did about an hour of riding there before heading towards work. Saw Taylor A. on the way back in.

The sunrise was nice, and then, as if on queue in a fabricated Marty Stouffer PBS moment, a hawk landed on a fencepost very near the road and began chowing down on his morning breakfast mouse. Not a bad way to start the day.

I was supremely mellow until i turned onto the Interstate, err i mean Bluebonnet, where 55 seems to be the rule. Can't wait for the casino to come so these drivers will be more "lubricated" if you catch my drift.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

what the frick!

Lance's post-retirement gluttonous dining at the trough of pain continues.

Monday, December 04, 2006


It's in the books, not exactly the plan i had in mind, but the result was more than i expected.

I went to bed Friday night a little intimidated by the weather prediction which was in the mid to high 20's depending upon where you looked. When i woke up Saturday morning i was relieved to see that it was a toasty 35!

I probably ran about a mile to warm up and all was good. Charles had good advice, "Don't get on the front, those guys are going to go off too fast", so i didn't but i still went off fast. All i thought was "easy, take it easy" and mile 1 came in 6:52, for the next mile i thought "relax, coast, relax" and mile 2 was 6:50.

At this point, Joe Lee blew by me and i continued to try to chill, but the weather, the race, etc. kept me under 7 for mile three. Right about then Charles caught up to me and we started running side by side. Mile 4 must be long, i'm guessing it's long and 5 is short, just looking at my times.

From that point on, Charles and i ran together consistently knocking down miles and slowly bringing back a few runners from the lead group ahead of us.

In the last few miles, it seemed like we'd be way under 1:30 but it was not to be. Maybe the last tenth is long? 52 seconds seems pokey (52x10 = 520/60 = 8 min + mile?) It didn't matter, in the end, i got 9th overall and 4th in my age group, with 1:30.18 way more than i thought i'd do.

The weather was really perfect for the race, i didn't take a drink until mile 10, and i never touched my gu. I was jealous of Charles' drink belt, i know he got more out of his little bottles than i did from a paper cup.

Thanks go out to Jenni who made us scientifically pick this course apart over the last few months and to Charles who was great to run with.

Also thanks to my wife who is awesome! and it's a chocolate chip cookie too for God's sake.

Let's do the numbers:


Official results are here.