Wednesday, January 25, 2006

by popular demand

I fixed the link to Lance Bo Bance's blog.
I didn't know it was broken, evidently Opera does some sort of resolution.

This morning, the beating with a stick continued as i did Pat's extended 90 minute spin routine at the studio followed by a 2 mile spirited run. The spin class was great, split between Chuck and Pat as leaders. Chuck pretty much destroyed me with an extended big ring set of

one minute right leg, one minute left leg
one minute right leg, one minute left leg
one minute right leg, one minute left leg
one minute right leg, one minute left leg
one minute right leg, one minute left leg

Pat followed up with long "climbing" efforts which finished off the damage. Running with these guys is always fun because they don't like to slow down at all, not even in heavy traffic while crossing Perkins Road. They call it easy, and i don't think they realize how hard i'm working just to hang on.


Jeff said...

Maybe I'm missing something! Or, maybe it's just a round of let's mess with the old guy from Gonzales with heart trouble. Or possibly, I need Opera because apparently it lets you type anything you would like for a URL and somehow magically takes you where you want to be... :) Whatever the case my "bo bance" link still does not work! Thinking it may have something to do with the space between the ".com" and "/", but I really don't understand much about these computer things... :)

David said...

bingo bango tango
it's fixed

opera must be more forgiving

eric said...


That class sound great because 90 min in a typical spin class would drive me nuts. By the way, when you say BIG RING do you mean high tension like you are in the big ring or do the spin bikes you have actually have road style chain rings?

David said...

This definitely ain't your grandpa's spin class.
I've neglected to post, that everyone brings their trainers and road bikes, then Pat supplies some enormous speakers and his eclectic collection of grunge metal to coerce us into the sweat fest.

He's good enough to let us leave our trainers there, so we don't have to tote that each time. Some people leave their bikes there.

We've had as many as 13 people.

Jeff said...


Let's just hope for the sake of Louisiana Taxpayers that the users at Pennington are getting quicker resolution to their problems :) :)