Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stupid Human Tricks

Slept in a while this morning but got out early enough to catch up with the Coffee Call Ride near the Women's Prison. Pretty uneventful 36 degree ride with Keith, Norm, Stan, Brian, Britt, and Kenny. On the way back, Keith was at the front pulling when the wind blew his cycling cap off, i was in the row behind him on the outside and i caught it on my left brake hood. I know the quality of this feat wasn't worthy of Cirque de Soleil or anything but hell, when you ride 3 hours on a flat road, these things are exciting.

Also want to give shouts out to new members of blogtopia. Marcy, a buddy from my LSU Library basement days, and Lance, straight out of Chauvin Original Gangsta from my Mobile epoch. Check em out.

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