Monday, January 02, 2006

the post-crash shower

That is usually the worst part about crashing. Not the actual loss of skin or the accident itself, no usually the worst part comes once you get home and you take that shower that makes your legs quiver as water pours into your exposed flesh. Then, to take your mind off that pain, you get to scrub your wounds with a washcloth to get out the gravel, dirt, etc. But no more, i've learned a better way. Spray your rash down with Dermoplast and wait a minute then step into the shower. Scrubbing out road rash has never been so much fun. This stuff really deadens the wounds. PUT IT IN YOUR TOOL BOX.


Amy said...

Hey, I didn't know they had antibacterial...Even better! I became a raving fan of the product in the wee hours after having Ryan. This stuff works for just about anything that makes you go ouch!

Marcy said...

I agree with Amy. After having two children I seriously wanted to own stock in this company! HA HA! Keep it around for when Ryan starts getting skinned knee too. Works wonders for bo-bos.

Jeff said...

Sort of like a good insurance policy...I'll buy a can and hope I never get the chance to use it!