Thursday, January 12, 2006

Remember me when i'm gone...

Ok, granted, it isn't JAMA, but I was recently given a copy of Men's Health that ranked 100 cities on how healthy they are for men to live in them. Women weren't considered in this study, again i don't know how scientific it was. The survey ranked each city on health, quality of life and fitness. The results for us locals were not good with Baton Rouge coming in 72nd with a solid D+

There was much better news for some guys i know
1. San Francisco A+
2. Honolulu A+
3. Austin A+
4. San Jose A+
5. Salt Lake City A+
27. Los Angeles B
34. Dallas B-

And some bad news for others
49. Tucson C
77. Nashville D+
79. Houston D+
81. Buffalo D
89. Louisville F

I'm on the upward swing, spending my childhood in a D, then the majority of my life at D+. Eric did ok going from an F to a B, Taylor might have the best improvement, D+ to A+. Meanwhile, Amy's brother has spent the last 12 years living in two A+ towns, nice.

I don't quite get the D for Tucson's fitness ranking, that is nearly the same as Baton Rouge.

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