Tuesday, January 17, 2006


We lost our big orange cat yesterday. For some time, he had been having some difficulties breathing, but over the weekend the slightest movements caused him to pant. Bringing him into the vet was a tough decision because he has to be heavily sedated to be treated. Our vet knew this and counciled us on the "Death Talk" because of his concerns that he might not survive the drugs. But with his deteriorating condition and recent weight loss, we had to find out what was wrong.

The vet removed about a cup of fluid from around his lungs, which was a combination of blood and white blood cells, signalling a massive infection. This immediately aided his breathing, but any form of treatment would involve regular bouts like this. We had to decide what was best for him, Pekoe's tiger-like personality wouldn't do well with regular medication or procedures. So while he was still sedated, with Amy and i there with him, our vet put him to sleep.

After 14 years of living with 1, then 2, then 1 cat again, it's very difficult not having him here. Since Natalie died back in August, he had stopped his trademark "Ow-wow" meow and had settled into being a very laid-back cat. He'd even cut back on the legendary biting that made so many people fear him. We still can't believe he's gone.


Carrie said...

:-( I'm very sad for you both. Poor kitty. I'm glad we got to see him at Christmas.

eric said...


Sorry for your loss. I know it's rough to lose a beloved pet.

LPM said...

That's a tough blow. Very sorry.

Anonymous said...

Gosh guys, I'm so sorry for your loss. Darn it sure does hurt to lose a pet. Taylor

David said...

Thanks you guys, it was the very opposite of Natalie, so sudden.