Monday, January 09, 2006

Delta Racing Training Ride

Here's a few shots from our team ride yesterday, 2006 looks like it will be a big year for us. We've picked up a lot of riders from all over the state and they're a fit bunch. No shortage of wind yesterday, the kind of day that lifts your helmet off your head, LITERALLY. More info to come soon, as i'm working on our team website.


Eric said...

If your team is still looking for riders, count me in. The SC Velo team here are are bunch of
a--holes and SLOWTWITCH folded it's cycling team.

Let me know fees and jersey costs. Plus it's cool to enter a local TT or Crit with a BR team.

Taylor said...

How many people do you all have? What's the make up? I'm just curious.

David said...

We're coming up on 40 members, scattered all over Cat 1-5, Juniors and Masters. Membership is $50 per year and a jersey is $60 or so.