Thursday, June 28, 2007

What if...

We all joined this Fantasy Cycling League, it's not my rules. Team selection is easy, pick 9 riders with specified requirements (2 all arounders, 2 climbers, etc.). I can lift the results off their site and we can run our own sub-league here at UCC, but we let them do the heavy lifting. I like this idea a lot, b/c of the reduced workload on me. It's free to join it, maybe we'll run some prizes for our competition as well. So far i've got Me, Eric, Jeff, Sebas and Taylor, come on, i know you want to...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News and Fantasy Tour de France

So SeaBass has entered the world of blogdom, i'm happy about this, because i've never really gotten into MySpace.

In other news, Eric made an excellent suggestion to create a Fantasy Tour de France. Since i'm a bit out of the pro cycling scene this year, it will make for a great way to get more familiar with who's where, etc. I'm thinking about running it in the original format which was pick 9 for week 1, a different 9 for week 2, a different 9 for week 3. No big whoop, if you're interested reply here.

The Tour of Suisse coverage blew in my opinion. I was most interested in the climbing stages that took place during the week, not 2 hours of the final timetrial.

That's all for now...

Monday, June 25, 2007

coffee talk

you know, coffee, we talk, no big whoop
here's a topic to discuss:

The Guru warranty does not cover improper use, use in races, wear and corrosion due to salt or extreme climates, accidents, poor maintenance, commercial activities, addition of unfit parts or accessories or parts and accessories that are not intended for a particular bike, as well as any modification to the frame, fork or other components.

haven't blogged in a while due to the large amounts of bile in my mind

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blatant Garage Sale Plug

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes, so this trademark swag needs a new home, let me know if anyone's interested in it...

Cycling Garage Sale – Great Deals Priced to Sell

These items are headed to ebay soon, so if you’re interested in anything, have questions, need photos whatever, let me know at davidealex at THANKS

Specialized Trispoke Front Wheel – Motorola Team Issue, Predecessor to HED3, Tubular, track bolt-on axle, Conti Sprinter included -- $200

Renn Multisport Disc Wheel – Clincher, Vredestein tire included, shimano cassette compatible, 9 speed cassette included -- $400

Specialized Langster Track Bike – 58cm, black, perfect condition -- $400

Park Workstand, shop quality, cut-out rectangular base- $100

Mavic Helium Wheelset – Tubular, shimano cassette compatible, comes with flashy wheelbags - $150

Shimano Dura Ace Wheelset – Clincher, Dura Ace hubs, Mavic Clincher rims - $150

Louis Garneau Rocket Time Trial Helmet – comes with clear and tinted visors - $100

Monday, June 11, 2007

Phil had to go, but like that?

Shot in the head, yeah sure, his head then rolled over by an SUV?
for just a sec, it felt like Six Feet Under's finale, but much much better.
The close definitely took me by surprise, i had hoped for some clarity on Paulie who all at once seems like the ultimate soldier or turncoat. Maybe there will be a movie? who knows, i'm running out of battery

Five years will go in a heartbeat...

I forgot what today was, the 5th anniversary of the accident on River Road.
Strange that something like that can slip by you.
I still think about it often, well every time i ride my bike.
I guess the difference now is that i don't ride that often.
Five years can definitely change a lot of things.
I'm thankful that we haven't had another accident like that one.
I know a lot of people feel it is inevitable, and i'm sure it is.

We've been getting Charlotte's room ready, she'll be here in less than 2 months. I came across a card that i received right after that day. It reads:

... I think about you every night. I can't get the accident out of my head. I pray for you every night. I didn't do it on purpose (I'm sorry it happen please forgive me) I wish i could turn back time but i can't. I'm going to have to live with this the rest of my life. I pray to Jesus Christ every night to help me understand. I'll be praying for you and your family ...

I think that's a pretty profound statement on the responsibility each of us takes on every time we step behind the wheel of a vehicle. I'm thankful for many many things and one is that i have very few memories of that day.