Wednesday, October 19, 2005

wednesday stuff

So here is a photo of the product of my nesting, our square foot garden. It's really coming along great, in the foreground is romaine and another type of lettuce, in the background cabbage and broccoli. I overplanted the space expecting some plants not to make it, and nearly all of them have, so it will be an ultra-compact growing space. We'll see how that turns out.

In other news, Amy and i really thought Ryan was coming today. Contractions went all night, and we even went to the hospital this morning, but no, not yet. Our doula even guessed he won't be in before Saturday or Sunday. This kid has got his dad's laid-back vibe down to a science.

Just like yard sales have a season, so it seems for ebay auctions. DJW has a nice sale going on some cool vintage bike parts and Eric is trying to unload a classic Apple Powerbook with other goodies which would make a nice exhibit at the Apple Museum. I got in on some of the bidding action on the Powerbook but quickly got shoved to the side, my $2 wouldn't hold. :) Maybe i'll try to sell my Cinelli Angel ONE MORE TIME.

I'm still blown away by Roscoe, from the Weekend America post, replying to my blog. That was a cool bit of internet serendipity at it's finest.


icollect said...

Right on with the laid back baby! I can't wait to collect my Itsaboy's. I must have asked if you and amy were birthing Ryan 10 times this morning.

eric said...

Thanks for the shout out re: my ebay sight. Can you believe some sucka paid 21 smacks for that door stop? But if he/she is a reader of this fine blog, he/she got the deal of the century.

eric said...

Love the sq. foot garden idea. It brings the cubicle lifestyle to the great outdoors. Well done.