Monday, October 17, 2005

No baby yet!

Still no baby to report on. Amy and i had a fun weekend, attending my cousin's wedding. We also watched a quirky movie called Bride and Prejudice directed by Gurinder Chadha who did Bend it Like Beckham, which we really loved. It's the story of Pride and Prejudice as you might expect, set in India with a Grease like feel (singing and dancing, etc.) Pretty darn entertaining.

Got in a couple of multi-hour rides over the weekend on River Road. Just me and the iPod, which i finally reloaded with all of my tunes. It's nice to shuffle and get Johnny Cash, Kanye West, Pearl Jam, The Police, Handel's Messiah, Korn, Beastie Boys, Billie Holiday, Bach, Enya, Bob Marley. Okay, so i need to develop some playlists.

Also trying to run a little each day just to mix things up. It's hard to believe how out-of-shape Riley is. This is a dog who has done 8 milers with me before and now she can't even go a whole mile without stopping. She really let herself go :) I know, it's my fault.

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