Monday, October 03, 2005


Paolo "The Cricket" Bettini smacked the field around like a bunch of red-headed step-children at the Championship of Zurich this weekend. The conditions looked gross and you know it's bad when only 49 pros finish.

Rode the old Serotta into work today as it is now in full "commuter" effect. Granted it's running 28's now, but i find it hard to believe i raced on this bike just 3 years ago. It feels like it's made out of lead, after carefully considering this, i've decided to award myself the victory in the 2001 Rouge-Roubaix because i know Stig Somme's bike didn't weigh that much.

Amy and i experienced a strange moment this past weekend, in a video store we saw a display for the Nightmare Before Christmas, amid all the crappy merchandising we saw a coffee cup that had "Jack and Sally" printed on the side of it. We never put together this movie was the inspiration for the opening lyric in Blink 182's I Miss You. Call me dense, but i never gave "We'll have Halloween on Christmas" a second thought, and to tell the truth, Amy figured the whole thing out, i just walked right by it.

Finally, this from Michael is pretty darned entertaining.


Taylor said...

You should post a picture of commuterized Serotta.

eric said...

It's a dream of mine to someday race that 100 miler of yours. Sounds great.

David said...

Photos of the Serotta will be forthcoming, our new digital camera is currently on it's way to Jackson, MS.

Ah Rouge-Roubaix, the dream that turns into a nightmare. I didn't race it last year for the first time, and i ... didn't miss it. Of course if you came in to do it, i'd do it. It's big-time on the nutty side.