Monday, October 10, 2005

recent rides

Not too many to speak of, a sign of the joyful period of time between last season and next. I caught up with the Coffee Call ride Saturday morning which wasn't very well attended considering the perfect weather. What we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality with Norm, Charles, Keith, Stan, and Courtney. I was heading to the Dragon Boat races down at the LSU lakes, Charles was hungry for mileage due to his upcoming Ironman Florida. It's pretty crazy when you ride 30 miles with somebody and they still have 110 to go. Hats off to him, he's got the discipline down. It may be a while or never before I do an Ironman.

After that it was time to take care of lots of small things around the house as we are in full tilt Ryan preparation mode.

Amy and I continued our tour of good food and fun with killer fish tacos at Serrano's. Strange vibe there as this drunk guy on crutches began harrassing other customers and was eventually asked to leave. On the way out, we ran into Troy who was very high on this new flick Serenity. I couldn't place it during our conversation, but yesterday i realized i'd seen the trailer in the theater and it did look pretty cool, the elusive combination of a witty script and Star Wars quality special effects, paired with some sort of uber-teenage girl killing machine. I'd see it.

Later on, we caught The Talented Mr. Ripley at home. This is one of the eeriest flicks i've seen in a long time. Something about a homosexual identity-stealing murderous Matt Damon weaving his craft across Italy was just straight-out unsettling. It was like the Bird Cage meets the Bourne Identity on crystal meth. Really great movie though that I recommend to anybody, it was directed by Anthony Minghella who did Amy's fav of all time The English Patient.

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