Friday, October 07, 2005

Bidder's Remorse

So have you ever become the leading bidder in an e-bay auction and then prayed to God that you would lose?

That was me last night. I came across a vintage Levi's Pinarello jersey and decided to make it mine. I think this is one of the jerseys Andy Hampsten wore pre-La Vie Claire but i might have that wrong. Images of an earlier more innocent time flashed through my head, back when Eric and i knew that although he seemed like a nice-enough guy we could definitely kick Andy's ass if he'd only show up on a ride with us. Anyhow, i always liked the design and decided to try to make it mine. Instantly i was outbid.

Now that right there is always frustrating, you wonder, is it only a dollar more than what i bid? Maybe 2? I'd go 2 more, but not 3. Ok 3 but not 5, etc. Before you know it, you've got two dorks engaged in a high-stakes bidding war for some chupe's grubby stuff.

So anyway, i bit and took the lead back for only a buck more. Then i started thinking, dude this jersey is used, what if some freak with an overactive gland problem owned it before me, and it wreaks of his B.O. That is just straight out gross.

This haunted me throughout the 2nd disc of The Godfather Part II. Amy and i checked back and with only a few minutes to go i was still winning. ERRRR! We hit refresh like 100 times begging for somebody to outbid me and luckily... with only 8 seconds to go some poor sap couldn't hold back and outbid me.

PHEW, no more nostalgic web shopping for me, although i did find this sweet Gianni Bugno number.

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Taylor said...

dude, that is exactly how I accidentally bought a video card a few months ago.