Wednesday, October 12, 2005

turning japanese

Amy bought me a book of sudoku puzzles and i'm completely addicted. For those numerophobes out there, fear not. Sudoku doesn't involve any addition or subtraction, just strategy. Try it out at the free site, it's pretty cool.

My other Japanese love right now is a quirky game on the PS2 called We Love Katamari. Through a seemingly unofficial barrage of press delivered by Slashdot and Wired, i became interested and finally bit. You wouldn't think that rolling a ball around and getting stuff to stick to it would be soothing, but it is. There's something really nice about playing it that is unlike other games i've played recently. There's also a real freaky-deaky cultural lost-in-translation weirdness to it that i can't explain in words. You can get a sense of it by visiting it's homepage.


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Like Sudoku? Check