Monday, October 17, 2005

Lunchtime Surf

i love podcasts
Today i was catching up with Weekend America and they had a bit on this musician who has fallen in love with fixed gear bikes. Pretty cool piece, the photo gallery on the page shows his current bikes including this one. Which is listed as a 1999 vintage khs painted orange. I want to bet that this bike originated in baton rouge. I remember a mechanic, Adam?, at the shop who had one painted up Conti Orange for his girlfriend.
Maybe i got that one wrong, anyway they also linked here which is a great way to kill time.
While i'm dreaming about fixed gear bikes, why don't i add even more links to this blog post? my current three favorites in no particular order.

Surly Pugsley - Gotta love it, just the right number of moving parts. I can't get enough of this bike, i wish i lived somewhere where it snowed.
Bianchi Pista - Yeah, the Concept might be prettier, but this one is going to survive longer, it's CrMo and cheap.
NYCBikes City Fixed - Two words, PAINTED RIMS


Taylor said...

Even though they introduced the "Gang Green" this year on the Pista, they are also selling it in Chrome still. Sweet.

Man, I love that bike. One of the guys here has one, and he was showing me that it does come drilled for brakes in the front if you want to use it as a commuter and not be totally hardcore.

David said...

That would be a killer commuter / oh i'll stop by the velodrome on the way home bike. NICE, and the chrome is classy, although full celeste would be killer too.

Taylor said...

They put tubulars on the concept for 2006. It is really fine though, with the cutout on the seat tube.

Roscoe said...

glad you liked the radio segment.
the Orange bike is a new old stock '99 KHS Aero Track and that is the factory color called 'Firefly Orange'.
Just got the bike a little over a week ago and now that the rain has stopped here in NYC I'm really diggin' it.


David said...

Get down! thanks for clearing that up.

I really enjoyed the radio piece and i know others will too. Let me know if you ever make it down to Baton Rouge/New Orleans area. I sold my fixed, an old school Serotta, recently, but old habits die hard.