Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Excursion, Expedition, Expletive

Yep, soccer moms with poor driving skills, that's what i have to complain about today. Not the few who wield their behemoths with all the skill of a crit racer trying to keep a watermelon at bay inside their skinsuit. No, no, i'm talking about the ones who think their bad-boy-gas-guzzler can accelerate like a crotch rocket and who stare you in the eye while they pull out right in front of you. My absolute fav is this one. You're doing 20 mph, they punch it at 50 to get around you, then slam on their brakes as they pass you to avoid rear-ending the car in front of them.

I'm the guy who has been complaining about Baton Rouge traffic, so i feel obliged to give equal airtime to when it isn't as bad. That's right, it's like city-wide carpooling policies began, or maybe all the Metairie-iens moved home, or maybe Mayor Kip's light rail kicked in. I don't know why, but suddenly the traffic just doesn't seem as horrible. Perhaps it's a numbing effect. I rode with Giselle Monday night and she thinks it's moved to later in the evening like 6:30 now. I can't say, the loss of daylight is forcing me home earlier and earlier.

Gotta agree with djw's commuting observations.

In other news, one of Amy's pieces got picked up by a poetry blog.

The Amy and Dave Pre-Ryan-Arrival Tour of Restaurants continued last night at Portabello's. Great food and we ran into Guy and MiMi which was cool to visit with them.

Some coworkers told me about facebook so i joined yesterday, pretty depressing, for 24 hours it told me You have no friends at LSU. Which is a fact i already knew, i don't need a free service to inform me of this. My profile is uncool and a work in process.

In the world of New Orleans bike shops, Randy writes that Mark of Bayou Bicycles is currently at Richardson Bike Mart and i got an e-mail today stating that Adams Bicycle World is open now at 701 Jefferson Highway, Jefferson, LA. Good luck to all.


eric said...

You keep a watermelon in your skinsuit?

David said...

I told you it's boring riding in BR.