Thursday, September 01, 2005

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I'm keeping up to date on the New Orleans news via this wwl link I got from Randy.

Tom Guarisco wrote a great piece about New Orleans in the Daily Report yesterday entitled Missing New Orleans.

Baton Rouge is definitely entering into widespread panic mode.

Surface streets are constantly swollen with traffic, lines for gas are stacking up, that is, where gas is available. Today there are rumors of violence everywhere you look. In the past few hours i've heard:

Cars are being broken into downtown office parking lots
Carjackings are happening downtown
A hostage situation occured on Bluebonnet

To a degree, these are being refuted.

I stopped by Capitol during lunch and Darren had the place locked up. He let me and the mailman in, but there were rumors that OLOL had closed it's doors. I'm not sure if that is due to the volume they are experiencing or out of fear. Anyhow, i brought the shop a bunch of parts that i hope will become my commuter bike, since it looks like gas will be pretty scarce and $5 a gallon soon.
While i was there Mal from GNO stopped by. He told us he'd driven into Harahan last night, and what he described was straight out of a Mad Max movie. Any male over 21 was eligible to be deputized on the spot and issued a gun. Deputies were then stationed on top of fire engines which were everywhere. It is a total war zone.

Meanwhile, the ladies of Louisiana politics are just killing me. Our governor has her "older long-lost sister of Forrest Gump" impersonation down everytime she's on the national media. And this morning Senator Landrieu described proudly how hotels are now working together so that each and every evacuee will receive a "handi-wipe and a hamburger"? Not quite a "chicken in every pot" but then again she's no Huey P. Long.

Now, this just in from CNN, sniper fire on Charity Hospital???

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