Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the weekend that was

Haven't posted in a few days, crazy weekend with Hurricane Rita coming in ... just in time for my Birthday! Rita's projected path came a little too close to Carencro for comfort so Tommy, Connie and baby Maria hung out with us for a few days which was a good time.

This morning i was watching a telecast from Cameron, LA and the reporter heard a sound from the ditch behind him, when he turned he found a dolphin stuck and alive in a flooded ditch. Pretty wild, they're going to try to rescue him today.

Boonen won the World Championship road race on Sunday, the race sounded pretty cool. It would have been sweet to see the final sprint turn out to be between Bettini and Vino but that wasn't in the cards. With Boonen in the WC stripes, there shouldn't be any "Curse of the Jersey" happening, not with the year that he's had.

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