Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend happenings

It has been a very full few days...

Saturday i caught the Coffee Call ride on Kenilworth and rode all the way around to Gardere with Laurence Cohen from New Orleans, his buddy, Courtney, Tom and Brennan! (who i hadn't seen in ages and is now sporting a full Lion-King Cippo Hairdo). I'd read Laurence's reports on tri's and adventure racing for a long time but had never met him before so that was cool.

Saturday night my sister threw the baby shower to end all baby showers for us and we are so grateful. It was a really great time and we feel really lucky to have had such a get together. Amy and I are truly lucky. I'll get some photos up from this soon.

Sunday I started the ground work on my first attempt at a square foot garden. I know the website looks queer as all get-out but the idea is very cool and i think it will work for me, considering how much time i usually spend in the yard.

Sunday evening we hit the Festival Acadiens in Lafayette and saw Balfa Toujours and the Bluerunners play. This is a great time that we always enjoy and we got to hang with Maria, Tommy, Connie, Lana, Brian and Kristie. I'm pretty sure it will be our last event like that before Ryan's arrival.

On the drive home I thought i was having more allergy problems but i must have picked up some sort of sinus infection. By bedtime, breathing became a real challenge and i did my best insomniac impersonation all night. I gave up this morning, e-mailed in sick and went to see a doctor. A steroid shot in my butt and a prescription for a 5-day Z-pac later and i'm feeling better. Gotta credit the steroid for the multiple blog posts tonight. Suddenly i'm wide awake and can breath.

Tonight we hit a Breastfeeding class, let's just say i saw a lot of different breasts on screen. In fact, the last time i saw that many breasts... oh well nevermind. It was informative, the real fun however started when we left and the Camry decided to randomly arm it's security system that will disconnect the ignition. Many efforts to remedy this failed and finally my Pop had to come out and give us a ride home. GEEZ, oh well back to work tomorrow. You always have an extra feeling of security when that system kicks in because not only can you not start your car but neither could a potential thief. This is either poor or brilliant engineering. Later

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Anonymous said...

which buddy did Laurence ride with? Anyone named Eve?