Monday, September 12, 2005

weekend highlights

Had a busy weekend, Saturday Amy and i took a Baby Care Basics course, i'm not certified or anything, but i feel a lot better than i did before taking it. Saturday night, we had everybody over for my Mom's birthday celebration. I made manicotti stuffed with a nice concoction of ricotta, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, spinach and onion. I think they turned out pretty well as most of it went.

Sunday was spent doing a lot of chores around the house. We found out the Guarisco's are moving into Spring Lake which is great news.

Today marked my 4th day in a row of commuting to work on the bike, and now i'm considering selling my Mazda. It hasn't been used since last Tuesday, and bike commuting is just turning out to be too great. More to come on that front.

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