Wednesday, September 07, 2005

bike commute

Last night's training race was fun because i hadn't been on one since before Katrina. I caught on at Gardere, rode the loop and stayed on until Ben Hur. At that point i circled back and headed home. Steve had warned me about the traffic but it was worse than i imagined. I found out later that Nicholson was shut down to all but emergency vehicles, so the overflow was on River Road and there was a lot of it. I also heard that local radio programs had callers dialing in to voice concern for the "poor cyclists riding out there". In Red Stick, concern like that is a huge step forward in the collective cycling consciousness.

Decided to ride the Guru into work today and it was great, only had a few interactions with angry drivers. The afternoon was better, i ran into Steve Z. while doing Kenilworth laps and we rode together for a while, until i ran into my Aunt Sue walking her dog, Bandit. I got home about seven and there was still bumper to bumper traffic in both lanes on Bluebonnet. But riding in the muck was a lot better then sitting in a car.

Today was the first day off in the Vuelta and my Fantasy Vuelta as well. Through 11 stages there have been several different leaders, but Taylor A. is in control for the moment with Denis Menchov leading her squad.

More news on Lance's comeback today also, was this more of Bruyneel's tactical wizardry? In related news, Amy gave me Coyle's book and it's been a very good read, cool inside look at the riders, the coaches and their personalities. later

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