Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dylan Documentary

AAARGH! I missed all but the last 40 minutes or so of the two-part Scorsese directed Dylan documentary. Granted, 2 nights of Dylan may have been too much for most but a lot of what i saw was completely awesome. To see Dylan young and vibrant and coherent in interviews and onstage was a real treat. He looked like a kid belting out "It's alright Ma". Endless footage of interviews and ridiculous questions by journalists. Our favorite was "Do you consider yourself the leader of all singers?" which when it came out sounded a lot more like something from an Ali G bit.

My buddy Ken has seen Dylan like over 100 times. He and i were lucky enough to catch him in Pueblo at the Colorado State Fair a few years ago, (the night before the Pike's Peak Marathon but that's another story), and he told me about how when Dylan went electric the audiences would boo him until he'd finally play an acoustic set. You can clearly hear the boos in the footage included, but then the same crowd would go crazy, minutes later. Incredible.

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