Tuesday, September 13, 2005

new training race format

So tonight i got home about 5:30 and decided to spin out to the loop and catch the new training race format, three loops starting at the split. On the way out there, i started to wonder what the new finish line would be, since it's pretty hectic there at the split most times.

Anyhow, i caught the group just as they were finishing the first lap. We had a good time on the second lap, but after the prop sprint it seemed to turn into a points race with attacks coming fast and furious. I had some fun, but one lap was enough and it was getting late, so I headed back to Bluebonnet with Darren. I'm thinking the new race format will just have the sprint occur back in the loop, then we'll regroup after the initial left hand turn and spin to the next one. That is pretty vague, we can work all this out next season.

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David said...

Brian had some specific questions about last night, so here are my thoughts on it...

Was it good or not?
It was fun, when i got on there were maybe 10-12 people together. I can remember Taylor A., Darren H, Troy, Stan, Tre, Jerry, Brian, Kristy, Mitch and some others. Because of the traffic at the split, i think we'll almost always have a regrouping there, with the stop sign, etc.

Was it safe?
It felt much safer than the last time i rode it, pretty much if you can stay South of Gardere you will be mostly happy. I think there is more traffic between Gardere and the split, but it didn't get my Spidey sense up if you know what i mean.

Is it worth going out there?
If you need some intensity work, then yeah. You'll get all you can handle out there. Jerry was fixed on breaking the group up so it turned into a pretty hard bunch of attacks and counter-attacks between him and Brian. I don't know how much of it i'll be doing, just b/c i'm pretty much backing off training right now and the bike commute to and from work + a little more is enough for me.

Where did people park?
The majority of the people i rode with parked at the split. Darren parks in my neighborhood at his grandmother-in-law's. I didn't notice about Stephen's house, we were going pretty hard right then and i didn't look around.