Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wes Anderson flicks

The first time i saw Rushmore, i fell in love. I think it's a perfect smart comedy with incredible characters paired with clever shots and a steller cast all tied to a great soundtrack. I want to watch it often, it never gets old.

Next came The Royal Tenenbaums. Here you see the same collection of incredible characters, but i felt they were wasted in a storyline that didn't fully utilize them. I wanted them to stick around for another movie and do more. I hated the film and never wanted to see it again. Months later, against my better judgement, i watched it again, and started to like it. Anderson uses this device where obscure tunes by the Stones and other bands get played against slow-motion action shots. Ben Stiller's kids, Luke Wilson's breakdown as a professional tennis player. I felt like maybe the best parts of this film got left on the cutting room floor and we were seeing something that wasn't meant to be. But i started to like it.

Since then, i've completed the quadrumvirate by renting The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Bottle Rocket. Both of these feature fascinating characters that i feel are just wasted. I loved Willem Dafoe in Life Aquatic, but he's hardly used and there are more characters that just don't go anywhere. It's a unique movie, but i just didn't dig it. Bottle Rocket, his first, was just more of the same. Awesome characters, allusions to other themes that might make another great movie after the one you're currently watching. But the truth of the matter is you want to turn the one you're currently watching off and go do something else right now. What a pisser...

Anyway, i've been wanting to write about that for a while, maybe someone can give me some insight into these that i'm missing. Basically, my take
Rushmore = Godlike
the rest = flawed

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