Sunday, August 28, 2005

katrina is coming

Just finished picking up the flower pots, the bird feeders, the bbq pit, the St. Francis of Assisi statue, etc. from the back yard. We've got candles, flashlights, water, and most importantly dvd's and beer. This Katrina is looking like a real bitch.

This morning the weather was great though for the Rocketkidz triathlon. My nephew Alex competed in his first multisport event and did a great job. Hats off to Baton Rouge Tri who did a whole lot with a little space. This race is a marvel of organizational efficiency. Within the grounds of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center they host a 250 yard swim, a 7 mile bike and a 1.8 mile run. All this with three different age categories all on course, eventually at once. It was a great time and Alex had a lot of fun.

I took the day off on Friday to run some errands and Amy and I caught Red Eye in the afternoon. It was pretty good, not what i had hoped. For some reason i thought it was a supernatural thriller, instead it was just good old fashioned terrestrial high drama. Still, a pretty good movie.

Finally, the Vuelta is in effect, and the drama of the Fantasy Vuelta is already starting. I think the new draft is going to work out well.

Also, i just read this note about Ullrich's wheel at the Tour of Germany. What a drag for Jan, this guy can't catch a break.

Well, when i started writing this it was dry and hot, now the rain has started, better get used to it.


Carrie said...

Congrats to Alex! Hope you guys are all dried out from the bad weather. My parents got their power back a few hours ago. Hopefully BeBe's AC will come back on soon!

eric said...

A tri just before a monster hurricane! Once again, I am outdone by a prepubescent. Can't wait for the fish tale that goes outta that one. "Swam in swells 27 feet tall... Rode into 160 mph headwinds... You don't even want to hear about the run. It was seriously epic."

David said...

Carrie, we are all dried out. Glad to hear about your folks. There are people here in the office who still don't have power. Weird, because we've also heard from people in Metairie who do have it and never lost it.

David said...

i figured the tri would be cancelled it because of the hurricane, but the weather turned out to be great. Hot but with a nice constant breeze swirling out of the south east.