Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Weather for the Half

PERFECT! earlier today it predicted snow flurries.


Anonymous said...

The over/ under on DEA is 1:34:30 and I'm taking the under. Anybody want in on this action?

Speaking of cold weather, let's talk arm warmers. Which brand is warmer and, more imprtantly, which brand is cooler -- Canari, Adidas, or Louis Garneau? They're all $19.99 in the binke nashbar.

David said...

Please, please, gentlemen no wagering.

I don't have any of those, i alternate between some made by M9 and others by Trek. The bomb arm warmers in the house though are ASSOS, those Swiss know their threads let me tell you. Unfortunately they usually are in Amy's workout bag because of their quality warmness. And like everything else Assos makes, they cost at least twice as much as you'd like to pay.