Sunday, November 12, 2006

rectal hernia

This post was originally called The Power of Urban Legend, but i didn't think it would sell as well.

So i'm cooking supper tonight, actually just heating since The Supper Studio entered our lives, THANK GOD, and the phone rings. It's Caroline, and she's laughing hard,

"Dude, we were just watching Rocky III and Mr. T was doing these pull-ups and he sounded like he was having a hernia, and i told Roper that some dude did that once at a gym where i was, and he blew out his butt, and Roper said you told him that happened to you once in a track race because you pushed so hard."

Um, no. No, that never happened to me, if it had, i would have remembered it. If that had happened at a race i'd been at, i'd remember it. If it had ever happened to anyone that i'd ever heard of ever, i'd have remembered it. So if nothing else, we laughed our asses off (no pun intended).

Another classic bit of me in urban legend came to mind, this time with complete strangers. Antique cycling flashback begins here...

Back in 96, i returned to Jackson, MS to race the Tour LeFleur Crit. This was a year after attempting to knock down a traffic sign with my face and causing more than a little damage to myself. I was warming up on the course before my race and i stopped at a corner to adjust something on my bike and that's when i overheard two ladies talking.

Lady 1: "Girl, they are ridin them bikes some fast"
Lady 2: "You know last year, one of em hit a street sign and died!"
Lady 1: "That's a damned shame"

If it adds to the collective lore of the sport, then i'm honored, in the mean time it still makes me laugh hard.


Taylor said...

From how you looked when I first saw you after you got back to Baton Rouge, it isn't surprising they had thought you died.

eric said...

Damn funny is the understatement.