Tuesday, November 07, 2006

and so it is

The paperwork is done, money has changed hands and somewhere in California, my name has been written down next to a number.

After much debate over the I word. I've signed up for the "Half I" that is Vineman. I'm not at liberty to discuss the other participants signed up for the suffer-fest, as their respective press agents may have elaborate plans for each of them. But do know this, i will win Vineman*. If you don't have any plans for the end of next July, consider it.

* Winning is defined as exiting the water under my own power.


Jeff said...

If you can get them to take out the swim, I'M THERE!

I've never run further than a 10K...so 13.1 miles would be quite a challenge. However, I'm confident I could make a decent attempt...and even if I fail...at least drowning isn't a possibility!

eric said...

Relax about the swim. By the time you are slogging out the 13.1 miles, the fact you almost drowned will be a distant memory.

Carrie said...

Go, David!

Now you have to help me convince Taylor to do one with me. There's one around here at the end of September.

LPM said...

The thing you have to remember about the swim is that it's not the distance you have to worry about, it's the large schools of Federally-protected snakehead fish. I hope you have a thick wetsuit.