Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ryan and Dad's Excellent Adventure

Saturday morning was meant to be a dress rehearsal for the Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon. I woke up to a very chilly 60 degrees, i don't mean that 60 is chilly, i mean that it felt like 45, something about the humidity that morning was just plain cold seeming. Not one to slack, Ryan was up like a champ and after donning some cold weather duds, including one ski cap, fleece, layers, etc. was ready to go. I stuck him in the BOB and wrapped him up with a blanket and off we went.

Right after we started, i realized that the course isn't exactly jogging stroller friendly. It involves hopping more than a couple of traffic islands, crossing some major thoroughfares and the climb of the day, the Perkins Road overpass, which can be terrifying when you are just running by yourself. We took a bit of a shortcut on Nicholson, taking the LSU side to skip an island hop. Then ran with Scott all the way up to the tennis courts. Ryan fell asleep somewhere in this section even though we had a few malfunctions with the BOB's adjusting frontwheel. That took some looking into, and i finally returned it to it's fixed position.

The next section of the run was through the Garden District then back by my old stomping grounds on Parker Street. At the turn on to Perkins Road, Ryan and i kept on Eugene and doubled back to the Lakes. This adjustment ended up only adding a half mile to our course.

Ryan woke up with about a mile to go and started some singing. We hit the finish in 1:49.02 which included stopping to feed and the various bits of stroller malfunction, approximately 8:04 miles. I'm thinking race day, without the baby stroller, the addition of a full arm-swing, and in full-on race mode sub-1:40 will be no problem. My goal of 1:35 is doable, it's going to be fun.

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