Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stomp Out MS with Marcia Ball

If you don't have plans for December 8th, you should check out the Marcia Ball concert, benefiting the Stomp Out MS Foundation. My sister Steph was diagnosed with MS, and she's worked hard to make this show a great night. The Reilly Theatre is a nice venue so there's no such thing as a bad seat. Marcia puts on a cool show, and your donation benefits MS research and support services locally. Check it out, i'll be there.


Jeff said...

Considering that your sister has MS, I'm shocked that you've never done an MS-150 :)
What kind of brother are you? :)

David said...

that sir has cut me to the quick!

in my defense, i've heard that 12-corner cat 5 crits in the rain are less scary than the MS-150.

eric said...

I'll dash off a check for a few clams to help the cause...

Have Steph book Dash Rip Rock next year... Or better still Dred Zepplin, and I'll fly in.

David said...

for Dash or DZ i'd probably run the fantasy cycling stuff year round in an effort to raise money!
That's saying a lot.

thanks dude

Steph & Dave said...

Thanks, Dave! I appreciate you posting this! Thanks, too, Jeff for giving him a hard time! And, Eric, thank you! I'll share your entertainment requests with next year's planning committee!