Tuesday, November 21, 2006

just stuff

Dr. Frusha sent me this bit of information which i knew instinctively, but it's always great when science confirms one of my favorite post-ride pasttimes.

Did Kramer get some bad drugs or something? What the hell was he going for with this? That was just ugly, and his apology sounds lame too. Dave tries to help him out his hole, but he dug it way too deep, not even Jerry could smooth things out.

This morning was cold, 39 degrees at the house, but i rode in wearing my new cycling jacket and it was awesome. I've never been so warm.

Inside of two weeks now for the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon. We're doing a much more active form of taper than i'm used to. My previous definition of tapering was to reduce mileage and intensity approaching an event. Jenny has us reducing mileage but she replaces it with intensity, she forwarded an article to us from Running Research News, which recommends shorter faster workouts in the two weeks approaching your race.

Saturday, we did 10 miles, which included 3 miles at race-pace, then a jog to Catholic High, then 2 miles on the track with 220 pick-ups on each lap, then a jog back to the 5K course, for one mile faster than race-pace. Yesterday was another track-like workout that i ended up doing on the road at lunch. I'm psyched to see how the race goes with this prep.

There was plenty of interesting conversation here about blue jeans. I know i'd never considered it before, but it explains a lot.

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