Tuesday, November 21, 2006

HID is a friend to ME

Tonight was my first ride home in the dark with the NiteRider Enduro HID headlight.
To describe it in one word ... UNBELIEVABLE.
The only other light i've ever used was a small Cateye that didn't do anything.
This thing lights up the road like you're a car.
Everything you look at gets lit up, the road, speed limit signs, street signs, cars, houses, anything.
A car passed me closely on the parkway, so i turned to look at them and completely illuminated the four passengers inside.
Instantly you are seen by every vehicle on the road. I had my blinkie red and white lights on the bike but i'm not sure that anyone can see them because of this enormous beacon on my helmet. I might give up riding in the day just to ride at night.
Yes, it's a pricey purchase, but it's worth it if you're going to ride at night. There's no question you are seen.

Speaking of seen, in our ongoing evolutionary fascination of reality shows, my new favs are Miami Ink and this Everest one. There's just something about permanently dyeing your skin or getting your toes cut off that just sets me up right for the next workday. You know what i mean?

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