Monday, April 24, 2006

Ward blah blah blah Mr. Webb blah blah blah blah

So not only did Valverde take LBL, he also took over the lead in the Protour. I thought that Bettini would make another big move on the Côte d'Ans and take it but it wasn't to be, and with so many big guns left at the finish i figured super drama would happen, but it really was just Valverde riding away from the rest, evidently easily.

So Fantasy Classics Week is over and the winner is prognosticator extraordinaire... WARD WEBB. It seems like only yesterday i was remarking at how great his Amstel Gold picks were, turns out that was his lowest score of the week. Check out the results from LBL.

1. Ward 140
2. Me 127
3. Eric 67
4. Amy 65
5. Taylor 52
6. Jeff 15

and the finale
1. Ward 453 (72% Accuracy)
2. Me 310 (49%)
3. Amy 158 (25%)
4. Eric 130 (21%)
5. Jeff 100 (16%)
6. Taylor 65 (10%)

Next up Fantasy Giro, more info soon.


eric said...

I'm just knocking off the the Fantasy Cycling rust. Come May, I'll will be ready for the Giro... and if I suck that that I always have the Tour.

Jeff said...

Yeah...What he said!

Jeff said...

Wow David...
Looking over the numbers and just realized, if it weren't for Ward you'd look like a genius

Anonymous said...

However, looking at the numbers, it's obvious who the REAL genius is!

David said...

i know, i know, leave it to Ward to bust the curve.

pulling in half the available points is impressive, until somebody brings in three quarters of them

Jeff said...

Who made the "anonymous" post?
I have it narrowed down to either Ward or his mother....

Ward said...

It was my mother......I swear.

eric said...

Long time ago I applied for a job that required three letters of recommendation.. Of course, I had some imaginary friends write and sign them... But one of the letters was created by my “Mom.” My favorite line was " Eric is a really nice boy. He always keeps his room clean and says please and thank you." The retard in the HR dept. called me on the phone and said those were some of the best letters she had ever read and wished her Mom would write her a letter of recommendation. Kinda sad. Kinda funny. In short, people are fools.