Tuesday, April 11, 2006

mercilessly kicking and beating a dead horse

Ward sent me this quote

A spokesman for organisers ASO admitted to Cyclingnews that, "It's an unpredictable accident de la course. The race was 15 minutes ahead of schedule and usually, we plan the route by considering the train schedule. But it was unpredicted that the race would be so fast."

Have you ever wondered who sets these schedules for European bike races? All i ever hear Phil say is "The race is far ahead of the published race schedule". If i had a dollar for every time i heard that, i'd have one for every time because i don't know how many times i've heard it.

In more news from the weird, UCI Rocket Scientist Pat McQuaid laid down these gems

"The train had passed by that point so they therefore knew that the danger was gone," he argues. "It was different with the first group. If that had been a high-speed train and one of the three chasers was still crossing over the tracks, look at what could have happened."

I misunderstood, then the rule must be, use your best judgement so as to not get hit by a high speed train, which means that Hoste, PVP and Gusev will be reinstated, can't wait to see that, yeah.

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Jeff said...

This guy is a total idiot and unlike a dead horse, NEEDS to be beaten.
His entire justification for the ruling is that "the rules are the rules", which implies "NONE" are subject to discretion and interpretation.
He follows by moving on to the stance that while "SOME" of the rules might be subject to discretion and interpretation, this particular "ONE" is not.
And he finishes by excusing Boonen's group from their clear violation of "THIS" rule by applying discretion and interpretation.

AMAZING, I'm certainly glad he cleared up the controversy in this matter, it's crystal clear now!