Tuesday, April 11, 2006

exotic car town

For the last few weeks i've been spotting a neon sunburst colored (best i can do folks) lamborghini in town that strongly resembles this. Then last night on the way home, what do i see on Bluebonnet but a new Ford GT. Could Baton Rouge, the town that cherishes the SUV more than Belgians love Boonen, be an exotic sports car town? Naaa


Jeff said...

I'm yet to see a GT on the road, have seen both the red w/white stripes and a black on showrooms...quite impressive!

I'm sure bbt would prefer you put the Lamborghini in the "burnt orange" spectrum!

Taylor said...

Haha, you know, it is funny how one becomes okay with that color after attending my fine educational institution.

Don't you worry, I'll be rocking the full on orange team kit in May.

Roadrider said...

Hey man, I waved to you but you were so busy looking at my car you didn't notice.

David said...

Yeah nice! let me know how the heck you fit your bike in there.

Roadrider said...

Give me the car. I promise I'll find a way! I remember when I used to go to races on my Honda 100 with the bike and wheels bungie-corded to the rear rack. I would have to draft off of the trucks if I got onto the interstate in order to get up to 60 mph. Heck, we used to get two bikes, spare wheels, and luggage into the Triumph GT-6.

David said...

Dammit Randy, you made me all nostalgic for the old days, ah yes, i remember folding up my bike into little pieces just like it was only yesterday
(insert flashback sequence here)

John said...

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