Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday already

i thought it would never come

Nice to see one of my favorite Marvel guys win the Ghent-Wevelgem.
Thor always makes me feel svelte, nice word eh?

This week was the first real River Road Training Race. What a high quality turnout! I rode out to meet the group and caught up with Troy and Josh, when the group came around a bend in front of us, Troy responded "GOOD LORD!". There looked to be 20-30 guys in the group at that point, all pulling, amazing. Maybe gone are the days of 5-6 guys pulling the WHOLE WAY, very welcome. What was equally amazing was the speed, i don't believe in technology on my road bike so i don't know specifics, but it didn't seem to be too pokey, if you catch my drift.

I also remember the old days when we rode on box cross-section rims to train and then had these tricked out Mavic Open-4 CD's for our aero race wheels. Yeah right, there was more fiber out there than the breakfast table at Williamsburg Retirement Home, ba dum bum. I was hanging tough with my 64 spokes of glory and 25's while almost every other wheelset i saw was maxed out. Norm gave me the "train like you race" mantra, so i'll pimp out for next time, at least as far as i can.

I heard a rumor that TCF won the sprint which can't be true, i also heard that Charles J. got in a near knock-down drag-out type episode with Troy after he (T) shoved Charles in the sprint. Maybe that explains it. Not sure what that was all about, as far as i can tell the payout is still the same at the line. I tested my legs about 3k out and they weren't having it after the 80 from Toledo Bend the day before, so i headed home to beat the dusk.

I got 170 miles in three days, i think i can go pro on that kind of training. Can't remember the last time that happened.

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