Sunday, April 16, 2006

Scratch BBWW, Call him Ward the Greek!

In typical Dave-fashion, while i followed the live feed this morning, i thought i was the only one who put Schleck on his team but low and behold, Ward picked not only Schleck but 4 others in the top 10.

Check out the damage he dealt, 50% of the picks! scoring 138 points out of a potential 211, NICE. Can he continue to set the furious pace? Can BBT make the ultimate comeback? The Fleche awaits on Wednesday ...

1. Ward 138
2. Jeff 85
3. Me 83
4. Amy 58
5. Eric 48
6. Taylor 3


Taylor said...

Wow, I suck.

Jeff said...

I'm afraid in comparison to Ward's picks...we all Suck!

On top of that...considering that I didn't have the patience or time to deal with the three race format my ten picks were Amstel Gold specific...Therefore, it's only going to get uglier for me.

That being said,
David - I realize it doesn't have as much sex appeal as the European Spring Classics but how about a little fantasy something-something for the TdG?

David said...

hey Taylor, you nearly had good picks, Horner, Gusev and Pozatto were active but didn't pull through in the end.

i'm a little afraid of ward for the grand tours this year, can he adapt his one-day racing techniques to the big stage? we'll see

jeff, i'm afraid that a fantasy TdG will have to be sacrificed in order to provide a better product for the Giro/TdF/Vuelta combo. more to come on that soon.

Taylor said...

Remember, the Giro is not far away at all, so it may be worth saving the first big fantasy effort of the season for the maglia rosa.

Taylor said...

Wow, we posted at the same time...

David said...