Saturday, April 29, 2006

Capitol N little y big old Q

That sums up my Thursday, to quote Dennis Leary,

"No, i'm not drunk, i have a cold."

I've had a pretty steady headache for a week, then an on/off fever with some congestion. I finally gave in and indulged in the N to the Q and slept over 14 hours between Thursday and Friday.

After a lot of concern from folks, i finally went to the doctor and for the second time this year, i ended up dropping trow to grab a steroid shot, then a 4-day Zpack topped off with my own prescription of Allegra. My doc thinks this is all due from allergies, but she was concerned about my blood pressure which i think was in at 140/90. I confessed that i was back off the wagon with the whole coffee thing.

I tried to just go a little back, but i'm full blown coffee-crackhead, sometimes supplementing with Diet Coke to make it through meetings, etc. So back to the teeccino plan. This morning was 25% decaf 75% caf. Two weeks from now i'll be caffeine free and less exciting again.

In case you're wondering, this whole not-training taking-medication thing is a really great way to prepare for Cheaha, which is only a week away. Oh yeah, it will be fun and i guess i should go ahead and register.

Also i wanted to make a public retraction regarding these comments regarding TCF. They do have a sprinter, his name is Joe Long and he's got serious foot speed. Last week i won the first sprint, then i was giving Patrick a leadout at the prop sprint and Joe came by us like Djimoulidine Abdujaporov on a June Bug. I asked him after and he said he was turning 130 rpms at 35mph, it seemed faster. It was like Bennie Flores in the old days, very fast. But Josh beat him and Will in the finale so we were happy. All in all a fun training race, i haven't made another one since with the headache issues.


Taylor said...

Dude, you hadn't registered yet? haha, you really do take that registration thing down to the wire. ;) I'm getting so pumped about the trip and the ride!

Jeff said...

Dude, get of your Duff and get registered...they're expecting a larger turn out this year, 700 to 800 riders, and are asking people to get registered to help logistically.
I'm also pumped about the ride and a little scared. I've done descent base miles, but little to no really long distance and no real suffering on the bike...and Cheaha is all about suffering on the bike...

Taylor said...

I've suffered a decent amount this spring, but I too am concerned about the distance... should be an adventure.

eric said...


Feel your pain with the coffee addiction. I've tried cutting espresso out completely but have failed. Frankly, decaf espresso tastes like crap. Instead I've cut my espresso habit from 8 a day down to four. Hang tuff...

What's up with the 508? Or you do what to try the Everest Challenge?
Check it out...

Saturday 120 miles, 15,465’ of climbing. Sunday 86 miles, 13,570’ of climbing

LPM said...


Sometimes these forced convalescences are the best thing for the body. You'll get some muscle recovery and your body will super-compensate when you return. When you get back on the bike, you'll feel like you have a rocket on your back. Good luck.


David said...

Yo eric, i will talk up both this weekend and see about interest. Both sound sick and sadistic, so naturally i'm up for either. Amy is definitely not interested in the 508, that i can report.

Lance, thanks for the words of encouragement! Here's hoping for a rocket, i know i'll be able to use it. I watched Danielson and Landis duke out Brasstown Bald yesterday and thought, wow, i'm going to be riding on crap like that on Sunday. WHOA