Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cheaha Training Camp

Had an awesome weekend heading "Up North" with Jeff, Ward, Don and the Doc. Good times, great rides and lots of laughing. I got to agree with Jeff, the stuff that is still making me laugh might not be that funny if you weren't there. The joint that we stayed out was OUTSTANDING. I think it would make an awesome place to spend a week any time of year. The roads around there all have bike lanes with no cyclists, great hills and superb pavement. If i only played golf or fished, it would be heaven. I think if i spent a few more days around the Doc, he'd have me swinging some clubs.

Jeff asked, so here is the scoop on the man. Brought to you by my favorite website, which i could go on and on and on about ad nauseum without a point (Land this one Dave, land it).

Oh yeah and the other thing was my breakfast smoothie recipe, this thing has been fueling the Alexander clan for a couple of months now with great success.

For one person, get these ingredients
cup of milk (soy or moo)
spoonful of plain yogurt
spoonful of peanut butter (natural of course)
half a cup of quick oats
2 cups (or more) total of the following (usually frozen)


other stuff known to show up:
couple spoons of wheat germ
an avocado
an apple


eric said...

Wish I was there. Sounds like a ton of fun.

LPM said...

Do you have a position on Almond Butter versus Peanut Butter? I switched a few months ago and, even though it's killing my wallet, I'll never go back.

Ward said...

Don't forget to check on the Noni juice......

David said...

haven't really tried almond butter, but we did run through a jar of cashew butter recently that was awesome.

i will check on the noni