Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Valverde takes it, Ward puts it away...

I think BBT put it best in his e-mail to me today

He had samuel sanchez... come on. I mean, valverde, that's one thing.
But sanchez?

I know, who picks Spaniards to win Belgian classics? Ward Webb that's who.

Here's the damage from the Fleche Wallone...
1. Ward 175
2. Me 100
3. Amy 35
4. Eric 15
5. Taylor 10
6. Jeff 0

And the current standings for the week...
1. Ward 313
2. Me 183
3. Amy 93
4. Jeff 85
5. Eric 63
6. Taylor 13

How will we level the playing field against our regional fantasy cycling version of Carnac (the Johnny Carson character not the shoe)? The draft, yes the return of the draft for Fantasy Giro 2006. It will make all things right.

Also, go Popo go

1 comment:

eric said...

Damn you Ward and your picks!