Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Great times over the long weekend.
Rode with Jeff and Charlene on Friday up in the hills.
All i can say is look out Cheaha, Charlene is coming, and she is riding great. I really can't believe that it is so close, last year i'd done 3 or 4 centuries before it, this year only one, granted that was Rouge-Roubaix, but we'll see what i can fake in terms of big hill climbing fitness.

Saturday, i was excited to catch my second long ride in a row, but instead i broke a spoke in front of Steve's house, at about mile 10, and ended up having to wait for Amy and Ryan to come and pick me up since the wheel was hitting the frame. DRAG

SNL had Lindsey Lohan as host for the 3rd time, at this rate she'll be in the 5-timers club by age 23. I didn't think it was that good this week, the highlights for me were the Laser Cats and the Ann Margret/Liberace bit. Fred Armisen was brilliant as always and thinking about Ann Margret hubba hubba. Musical guest was Pearl Jam which was sweet. Hard to believe it's been 15 years since Eddie and the boys ripped me out of my depressing college mope music phase and onto the path of music that rocks. I thought they did a good show, Amy wasn't too impressed, but i was happy just to see them play.

Sunday, the third time was definitely the charm on these yams which i was afraid that i had burnt, but adding some dark brown sugar to the recipe was just the ticket. The universal sign of approval was given, which is when you bring home a spotless casserole dish from a family get-together.

Great time hanging at my mom's with Gaynor, Susie, Brian Dania, Steph et al + BeeBee thrown in there for good measure. Gaynor gave me this very cool blog that he reads, written by a NYC cab driver. Very funny and interesting.

That's about it, the Fleche Wallone is tomorrow, what will happen with the Fantasy Ardennes Classics? Anybody's guess. Whoa, and i just realized that the Tour of Georgia is going down, i wonder if it's on OLN. Back to lunch.


eric said...

Kenny is back and ready for action. Check out his blog as he readies himself for RAMM.


Marcy said...

I'm so addicted to the cab drivers blog! I started reading it and couldn't stop. It is so interesting. One more addiction to add to my list!

Jeff said...

Had stumbled across "New York Hack" a couple months ago after USA today had an article about her blog...pretty good stuff.
However, what most amazed me was their mention of what a small percentage of cab drivers in NY are women. Couldn't remember the exact numbers or find the USA today article, but according to a quick Google search, out of 40,000 licensed cab drivers in NY only 350 are women...fewer than 1%...Wow!

David said...

kenny souza! i haven't heard that name in a while