Monday, March 27, 2006

you are a walking city, you are a walking city, you are a walking city...

With huge HGTV-induced visions in our head, late Saturday afternoon, we headed over to the Parker Coliseum for a garden show which was pretty cool. There were representatives from the BR Rose society, Camelia Society, Hybiscus Society, Pond and Koi Society, Louisiana Bonsai Society (which would prove key later) and many many more. More society than you could shake a garden stake at.

Of all the booths, we had the best time talking with the Bonsai folks and bought a chance to win a tree of our very own. Just to cut to the chase, the drawing was Sunday afternoon and ... we won. I'm picking up our baby (tree) this evening. Very cool

After the show, we decided to strap Ryan into the stroller and take a hike over to Highland Coffees across campus. The weather was perfect and when we got there we decided instead to keep on to the Serrano's baby-friendly patio for some primo dining and brew while watching the Tigers work their way into the Final Four. We tried to catch LSU's sidewalk chalk art show on the way home but unfortunately it was only on Sunday. Great walk though and Ryan loved it.


Taylor said...

HGTV. Standard fare in the Riché household. It is dangerous though... you watch things get done so easily enough times and you can trick yourself into thinking that you could do the same thing.

Marcy said...

I bet Ryan had a great time. To bad we can't see just how good of a time he had. No Kodak moments!

"get a new camera, get a new camera, get a new camera...."

hee hee


David said...

ock marcy! didn't you see the b-sides?

LPM said...

We tried gardening for a few years in NC. We were miserable failures. Now, when Anne wants to plant something, I just dig a hole and throw a couple of $20s into it.


Marcy said...

I did see the B sides and they are wonderful but we want up-to-date pics to see how fast he's growing! You can never have too many pictures. I promise to lay off for awhile!

David said...

Lance i dig your gardening technique!

BARFY! Photos will appear tonight! Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the FitHippie blog for some recent Ryan shots!