Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Olympians might not have it this good...

Sunday night i hit the track's 6-8 pm workout slot. I'd never ridden at that time, but it seemed like a nice way to end the weekend.

Really odd, i showed up at about 5:55 or so to find 8-10 skateboarders tearing up all the stuff, (tabletops, rails, quarter pipe?)they have in the warm-up circle. The track/skate director rolls up to me and asks me what time it is, i tell him and he proceeds to tell all the skaters to shut down. They really didn't have to leave on my account, but just like that they're all gone.

The next thing i know the velodrome is empty and the big lights are on JUST FOR ME. This has happened to me before, but it was just strange to see the place empty out like that. Who knows what the bill was for the lights, but let's just say it made me proud to be a city-parish tax payer.

Next up, Shimano pulled a practical joke on me. I'd asked for a 48x15 but on my first ride i found the gear huge. At first i blamed my fitness, but i decided to count teeth and turns out they stuck a 13 in a 15 box. Trust me, two teeth matter... according to Sheldon" that's good for 13 inches per revolution. That adds up quickly.

Anyhow, good to be back on track again...


cs said...

I'm shocked you were able to find your way to the Veledrome...I assumed long ago that you forgot where it was!! ;-)

David said...

Hmm ... let's see track-based smack talk from a CS.

Could that be Stokes?
Dude, when i get the right gearing you're going down.

Will you be at the Rouge?
I'm preparing for the pain.

CS said...

No Rouge for me....I'm a sissy in my old age!!