Tuesday, March 21, 2006

weekend items

Fun weekend, i did the Training Race - Saturday Edition for the first time. Good turnout, then once the speed picked up it turned into an inpromptu 4-man ttt practice with Shawn on his new bike, Kyle, Stan and myself. Towards the end of the loop we picked up some stragglers and met up with Brian King o'Texas Darby on his new ride. Kyle and i rolled off the front towards the end into an unholy headwind. It was fun.

From there, it was back to the book sale for a few good finds, then over to the Bluegrass Festival for a while. Ryan dug it, and the weather held up. There weren't too many people at the festival, i think because it was competing against St. Patty's Day, March Madness and the weather.

Sunday, we did some serious furniture shifting around the place. Ryan and i caught the OLN coverage of Milan-San Remo which was awesome. Boonen rode near the front at all times. Going over the Cypressa in the top 5. He looked unstoppable, really great to see the world champion beating the curse of the jersey. Can't say enough about Quick Step who really handled every move that mattered at the end of the race.

Oh yeah, and Tony lives on!
Fav quote was He Marvin-Gayed his nephew!


LPM said...

Followed by Paulie to AJ: "Hey Van Helsing, let's go."

David said...

yeah, what goes with that hair?