Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lance don't lie

This recipe for the other white meat was primo, working the crockpot magic.


Jeff said...

That looks awesome! Maybe I'll give it a try...Char and I bought a nice crockpot probably 10 years ago and we've NEVER used it. I've got to stop procrastinating...I think I'll start tomorrow :)

eric said...

Jeff, once again we disagree. I'm sure David's crockpot masterpiece tastes and smells great but it looks like vomit. I think it the carrots that kill the other pleasing aesthetic.

Since my blog, Obsequious Sycophant, died of unknown I.T. death I've been racking my brain for a new title... So far Jessica Abba'a Bicycle Seat is my fav but any imput would be helpful.

David said...

It is fantastic, it looks great and tastes better but i know i didn't quite convey the same aesthetic as Lance's photo. Check it out on his blog, :)

As for the recipe, try it, it's guilt-producingly easy.

Hmm, would i subscribe to Jessica Alba's Bicycle Seat? Can't answer that one publicly.

LPM said...

Jessica Alba -- is she the poor man's Scarlett Johannson? As to the latter, there's a close-up of her in "Match Point" and, if you look closely, you can see the actual surgeon general's warning on her lips.