Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Where's the wampum?

So did anybody else feel bad for Floyd, winning the Tour of Cali last week then hoisting up that big old humongous check for $15,000?
I looked at it and thought, 8 teammates, 2 mechanics, a soigneur, the masseuse, and the d.s. and what does he take home?
Granted, it's the inaugural edition but i expected more for the overall.


Taylor said...

Man, I thought the exact same thing. The food network challenges on Sunday nights pay $10,000, just to put it in perspective.

David said...

I swear that Malcolm Elliott won the Tour LeFleur crit in Jackson, MS once and got 5K. Maybe memory is fading.

Gotta believe they got big time appearance money though, can't imagine Gilberto Simoni coming all that way just for the food, sun and babes.